Determining What to Buy

The first step in purchasing your barcodes is to decide on which code(s) you need. As a quick reminder, if you want a code for a book you will want an ISBN, a magazine will need an ISSN, a shipping carton will require an ITF-14 and all other retail products will need either a UPC-a code if sold in the USA/Canada or an EAN-13 code if sold anywhere else worldwide. For a more detailed explanation of barcode types, Click Here. Remember that if you are buying an ISBN or ISSN code, you will need to already have your ISBN/ISSN number before we can issue the code to you. For retail or ITF-14 codes no additional information is needed.

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Having chosen the type of code you need, you must next work out how many to buy. Remember that each variation of a product (size, colour, etc) requires a different code to differentiate it. When this is done, visit our page selling the relevant barcode and add the correct amount to your cart. Once the products are in your cart, all that is left is to complete payment and your barcodes will be automatically delivered to you within minutes.

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Payment Options

We have several payment options available to make the experience as easy as convenient as possible for you.

Credit Card


Direct Bank Transfer

How We Deliver Our Codes

When ordering a standard retail barcodes, the numbers and image will be automatically emailed as a ZIP file, which contains:

  • Your unique EAN-13 or UPC-A barcode numbers
  • High quality barcode images in four different formats: jpeg, pdf, png, svg
  • A GTIN certificate confirming you as the sole legal owner of your barcode numbers
  • Barcode registration instructions for
  • Instructions on how to use your barcode

You can then easily insert the barcode images into the product packaging design and start using them. When a retailer receives the product for the first time, he scans it and enters the information for your product into the computer system. Once this is done, the barcode is ready to be scanned at the checkout and the product information will appear automatically.

The official retail barcode size is 37.29 × 25.93 mm, which can be officially reduced to 80% (20 × 30 mm) without impacting the readability. If they are further reduced however, barcode scanners may have trouble reading them.